What is Avaya Experience Platform™?

Avaya Experience Platform™ is a hassle-free, always-on contact center that delivers a comprehensive, integrated, and open platform. The Avaya Experience Platform™ architecture is delivered with scalability, security, and in-depth analytics across the customer journey for a simple and flexible cloud experience.

Avaya Experience Platform™ makes it easy for your organization to deliver an effortless customer experience across different channels and devices while helping you maximize employee and team performance.

What can I do with the Avaya Developers site here?

From this site you can learn all about our Avaya Experience Platform™ APIs that we make available today. Account (Tenant) Administrators and Developers can:

  • Review our How To Guides to learn about how to authenticate and integrate the Avaya Experience Platform™ APIs.
  • Learn about our API References to understand what each of the Avaya Experience Platform™ APIs requires for input and provides as output.
  • Provide feedback and ask questions by using Discussions.
  • Learn from the Changelog along with important questions tagged as FAQs in the Discussions section.

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