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What flags are checked when email routing has "ignore auto generated email" ticked?

What flags are checked when email routing has "ignore auto generated email" ticked? Have customers which use service-now ticketing system to send emails but Avaya AXP not handling them as contains in header: Line 62: "Auto-Submitted": "auto-generated" is seen.

Customize default widget

Is there anyway to get a copy of the default Chat Widget to make customization to this widget? We have developed our own Transfer Widget to be able to sort Queues and check agent status efore allowing transfer to a queue and also filter the queues that each assignment is allowed to transfer to (to prevent e-mails being transfered to messaging queues etc.) Since we have our own transfer widget we would like to hide the default Transfer Button. <br> <br>

How to set custom engagement data in OD/Automation flow?

Is it possible add customer input data into customer engagement data filed and show it in customer journey.

CPaaS send SMS problem

when i try to send an SMS, CPaaS returns 400 "To phone number is required to send an SMS". thing is - i have a to: number in my request... i'm using fetch() in node.js. i know i should include '@avaya/cpaas' and use that API... i have downloaded that package and cribbed the relevant code directly from it though, so my code should work. Anyone see what i've done wrong? my URI is <https://api-us.cpaas.avayacloud.com/v2/Accounts/ACe00011a0467185c8df8f4d768f5d9f7d/SMS/Messages.json> and the options (latest try - i've tried variations here): { "method": "POST", "headers": { "authorization": "Basic UNlMDAwMTFhMDQ2NzE4NWM4ZGY4ZjRkNzY4ZjVkOWY3ZDowMWI2YjdmZjk0ODk0N2MwYmE4OGVmMTg0NDE3ZjBmYg==", "content-type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" }, "body": "allowMultiple=true&body=a%20reply%20from%20your%20agent....&from=%2B16185740071&statusCallback=https%3A%2F%2Fnick-axp-crm.ue.r.appspot.com%2FSMScarrierHook&statusCallbackMethod=POST&to=%2B19176858541" } my code is: let smsUrl = CPaaS_URL + "/Accounts/" + CPaaS_SID + "/SMS/Messages.json"; let smsBody = { to: req.body.providerDialogId, from: CPaaS_Number, body: req.body.body.elementText.text, statusCallback: "<https://nick-axp-crm.ue.r.appspot.com/SMScarrierHook">, statusCallbackMethod: 'POST', allowMultiple: true } let bodyKeys = Object.keys(smsBody); bodyKeys.sort(); let bodyVals = \[]; bodyKeys.forEach(function (key) { bodyVals.push(encodeURIComponent(key) + '=' + encodeURIComponent(smsBody[key])); }); let smsBodyStr = bodyVals.join('&'); let smsOpts = { method: 'POST', headers: { authorization: "Basic " + Buffer.from( CPaaS_SID + ":" + CPaaS_AT, 'utf8').toString("base64"), 'content-type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' }, body: smsBodyStr } console.log( "CPaaS Send: To: " + smsUrl + " Options: " + JSON.stringify( smsOpts, undefined, 4)); let pr = await fetch( smsUrl, smsOpts); let ob = await pr.json(); console.log( "SMS Send: returned Obj: " + JSON.stringify( ob, undefined, 4));

Inbound calls no go to Offer Callback

May I know how to make my every call go to offer Callback? I have followed document <https://support.avaya.com/css/public/documents/101086120> steps but most of time was flow to "No Offer Callback". I have tried set my EWT value to empty and 1.

How to make a Widget scrollable ?

I use this layout in AXP, but need number 2 scrollable. Anyone know how to solve that? ![](https://files.readme.io/78877da-image.png) And a bonus-question, is it possible to reduce the hight of widget 3 to make more room for widget 2 ?

Report does not show data in the dialed_number, calling_number fields.

Report does not show data in the dialed_number, calling_number fields. The detailed report does not show data in the dialed_number, calling_number fields when the attendant makes an external call to a cell phone/landline. I also noticed that all calls with the direction field equal to OUTGOING the fields dialed_number, calling_number. Is there any other place where I can view the report of calls made by attendants to a cell phone/landline?


Is there a way to set what queue to use within Orchestration? I am trying to change my queue dynamically based on what is received from an external application.

Avaya cloud api: how can we see difference between an agent participant leaving event and transferring a chat?

Hi Avaya, When an employee (participanttype: agent) decides to transfer a chat, we get the PARTICIPANT_DISCONNECTED event via our webhook. However, when an employee ends a chat, we get the same PARTICIPANT_DISCONNECTED event. How do we determine which event happened in the client? Currently we are closing the chat on the client when we notice that the employee has disconnected, but obviously this should not be happening when a chat is transferred to another employee. Can you advice please? Thanks!

Generates an access token - Getting realm does not exist error

I am trying to generate access token to call Queue Metrics API but its showing following error. { "error": "Realm does not exist" }