Searching Transcripts

Through the transcript query API endpoint, you can get transcript messages for the given account ID and engagement ID. An Engagement ID is typically attained by searching engagements.

A Simple Example

A search is run using the Account ID of a tenant and Engagement ID to search for all messages associated with that Engagement.

The below is the results of a search that can be performed via the Digital Transcript Query API. Transcripts associated with the Account ID EXMPLE and Engagement ID engagmnt-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx will be returned along with pagination information and links to get the next page of results.

  "pagination": {
    "pageNumber": 1,
    "pageSize": 10,
    "total": 1
  "messages": [
      "accountId": "EXMPLE",
      "dialogId": "bb4f5cf8-5bfc-4bf3-ac43-153c43671f0e",
      "engagementId": "engagmnt-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
      "messageId": "fd2853bb-2e59-4236-b2fd-9a1ca156fbae",
      "messageIndex": 1,
      "channelId": "EMAIL",
      "messageType": "REPLY",
      "messageDirection": "INCOMING",
      "providerDialogId": "b63753b5-c271-40ce-9bb2-8b0aaba12eb0",
      "providerMessageId": "774f5cf8-5bfc-4bf3-ac43-153c43671f04",
      "privateMessage": false,
      "body": {
        "elementType": "TEXT",
        "payload": "message text content",
        "elementText": {
          "text": "this is text content of the message",
          "textFormat": "PLAINTEXT"
      "header": {
        "priority": "important",
        "sensitivity": "sensitive",
        "encoding": "utf-8",
        "subject": "Title of the message",
        "from": "[email protected]",
        "to": [
          "[email protected]"
        "cc": [
          "[email protected]"
        "bcc": [
          "[email protected]"
        "replyTo": "[email protected]",
        "providerMessageTimestamp": "2023-11-16T05:57:44.000Z",
        "messageSourceServerTag": "Tag1",
        "clientDeviceTag": "ios-device-1",
        "additionalHeaders": {
          "header1": "added property"
      "parts": [
          "partId": "774f5cf8-5bfc-4bf3-ac43-153c43671f04",
          "name": "file.png",
          "contentType": "application/img",
          "size": 3500,
          "url": "",
          "captionText": "Image showing and issue",
          "thumbnailUrl": "",
          "additionalProperties": {
            "property1": "added properties"
      "messageReceivedTimestamp": "2023-11-16T05:57:44.000Z",
      "senderParticipantName": "shane",
      "senderParticipantType": "CUSTOMER",
      "sourceType": "Facebook"
  "links": {
    "prev": "",
    "next": ""