Avaya Experience Platform™ Customer Journey helps identify a user and track their engagement with the contact center. This helps an Agent to better serve the user and allows the contact center to build a good user experience. Customer Journey has these building blocks:

  • Identifiers - Information that uniquely identifies a user. A user can be identified with a single or a group of identifiers. Identifiers can be classified as weak, strong, or very strong.

    • For example, a phone number is considered a weak identifier while an email is considered a strong identifier, and an account ID is considered a very strong identifier.
  • Engagement - A record of a user’s interaction. The interaction with the contact center can be on chat, messaging, email, and voice channels.

  • Journey - History of conversations and engagements a user has had with the contact center.

  • Participant - May be a Agent, Customer, Supervisor, Treatments, Bots etc, with a state of the participant i.e ACTIVE, HELD, DROPPED

Avaya Experience Platform™ Customer Journey provides REST APIs that allow applications to:

  • Query a customer’s engagements to visualize a customer’s journey through the contact center.

  • Export Journey and Engagement data into external systems like a CRM system.

  • Build the identity of a customer through out-of-the-box identifiers like phone number, email address, and account ID or through custom identifier types defined via the Administration portal. The identifiers are used to query a customer’s journey.

Before you begin

Refer to How to Authenticate with Avaya Experience Platform™ APIs required to invoke User APIs.

Customer Journey APIs require the Account Administrator or Agent role for access. See the API specification for more details.


The table below provides a list of features currently available in this version of Customer Journey:

Search journey
Get individual engagement(s)
Administer identifier types
Create / Update Out of Bounds engagements
Append customer identity to an engagement
Add / Remove a participant to / from an engagement
Create / Update InBound engagements
Create journey
Unlink identifier from journey
List of agents of journey