Chat SDK Introduction


Avaya Experience Platform™ Digital provides the Chat SDK which allows your client application to access the built-in chat capabilities. The Chat SDK is a JavaScript library that provides a collection of methods, objects and events using which you can easily build or integrate as a chat client for your websites and enable it with Avaya Experience Platform™ Digital Chat.

Next Steps

  1. Review the high level steps required for integrating Avaya Digital Chat SDK with your web application here

  2. Reach out to your Avaya Experience Platform™ account administrator to obtain appropriate access information for Avaya Experience Platform™ Digital Chat.

  3. Download the Avaya Digital Chat SDK and supporting artifacts like SDK documentation, reference chat widget, reference backend server from DevConnect. A brief description of these artifacts that will help you get started is located here

  4. Integrate your back end web application as well as web pages to use Avaya Chat SDK to enable chat capabilities.