Avaya Experience Platform™ provides Omni SDK using which you can enable your client applications with messaging and call capabilities of Avaya Experience Platform™. The Omni SDK is a set of libraries that provide a collection of methods, objects, events and UI components that will allow you to easily integrate your client applications.

Next Steps

  1. Review the high level steps required for integrating the SDK with your client application here.

  2. Reach out to your Avaya Experience Platform™ account administrator to obtain appropriate access information for Avaya Experience Platform™, like,

    • for Custom Backend Web App (To generate JWT):
      • Account Id
      • Client Id
      • Client Secret
      • App Key
      • Integration Id
    • for Push Notification:
      • Push Notification Config Id
      • Push Notification Config Secret
    • for invoking the SDK:
      • App Key
      • Integration Id
      • Region
  3. Download the SDK and supporting artifacts like SDK documentation, sample client application, reference backend server, etc. A brief description of these artifacts that will help you get started quickly, are located here:

  4. Integrate your client applications with Avaya Omni SDK to enable messaging and WebRTC calling capabilities.