Represents a Person or a Contact Center resource that can participate in an Engagement or CJ's touchpoint. A participant may be of type Agent, External (Customer), Treatment (forms of Automation e.g. a Bot).
This way adding or removing participant to Engagement or CJ's touchpoint will not affect AXP's Digital Workflow, its only internal to Customer Journey.

Create Participant

A privileged user can add a new Participant to an Engagement or CJ's touchpoint through the Create Participant API. Each account has its own set of unique identifiers and it is possible for different accounts to have identifiers with the same name as they are created per-account.
The following is an example of a payload to add participant to an engagement with the type,dialogId,channelId,channelType,timestamp as required fields.

  "type": "EXTERNAL",
  "channelId": "Voice",
  "channelType": "VOICE",
  "callingNumber": "087 12345",
  "dialledNumber": "1590 12345",
  "timestamp": "2019-07-23T17:45:21.001Z",
  "dialogId": "67ec5131-259c-4924-bb08-d87cf315e5e3"

An example response to this payload would be 202 accepted.

Remove Participant

Removes an existing Participant from an Engagement or CJ's touchpoint.

To remove participant from an Engagement by passing participantId via the Remove Participant API.