An Element is a server instance which provides feature capability. Some examples of elements are Avaya Cloud Office, Chat Connector, Microsoft Teams and so on, Avaya Experience Platform™ allows management of elements.
An Element Type is type of element which gets registered with Inventory Service where we can install multiple instances of the elements.

  • A privileged User lists the elements via Element Administration APIs. For example: Avaya Cloud Office
  • Avaya Cloud Office platform provides Call, meet, message, and more features.
  • Account Administrator can fetch instances of Avaya Cloud Office Element.

Before you begin

Refer to How to Authenticate with Avaya Experience Platform™ APIs required to invoke Element APIs.

Element APIs require the Account Administrator role for access.

List All Elements

To list all Elements you should invoke List Elements. You should provide required parameter as accountId and based on requirement you can provide additional parameters such as pazeNumber, pageSize, filter, orderBy.

GET /elements



 "pagination": {
 "pageNumber": 2,
 "pageSize": 10,
 "total": 45
 "elements": [
 "elementId": "ce8042a2-12f8-406f-5fd3-86c1c16d3a53",
 "description": "Avaya Cloud Office Description",
 "elementType": "ACO",
 "elementData": {
 "description": "Avaya Cloud Office Description",
 "name": "Avaya Cloud Office",
 "environment": "Production",
 "didNumbers": [
	 "status": "SUCCESS"
 "elementId": "883542c6-94bc-4d23-ace8-915bc91dfbb8",
 "description": "Chat Connector Description",
 "elementType": "DigitalProvider",
 "elementSubType": "ChatConnector",
 "elementData": {
 "name": "Avaya ChatProvider",
 "hostname": "chat.lab",
 "callbackurl": "chat.connector.provider"
	 "status": "SUCCESS"
 "links": {
 "prev": "/api/admin/inventory/v1/elements?pageNumber=1&pageSize=10",
 "next": "/api/admin/inventory/v1/elements?pageNumber=3&pageSize=10"