Update User

This API requires the Account Administrator role.

Updates a user.

The following fields must be unique otherwise a HTTP 409 Conflcit will be returned:

  • userId
  • emailId

This operation will clear the value stored for any fields not present in the request.
For example, to remove a feature such as voice from a user you should omit the
voice field in the request. The same behavior applies to every field in the request.

When updating a user with a profileId, the field values in the user request will override any that are
also defined in the profile. For example, if the profile contains configuration for features and the user
request also contains features, the features defined in the user request will override those from the profile.

Changes to the fields:

  • roles
  • features

Will trigger asynchronous updates, the status of which should be monitored via /users:listStatuses.