New APIs & Deprecations (December 04, 2023)

:star2: New & Deprecated

Welcome to the GA release of our Avaya Experience Platform APIs. If you have been here before you will quickly notice all APIs and content are related to v1. No need to worry if you have already integrated with our v1beta APIs. The v1beta APIs are deprecated but we will carry forward support in the coming months and work with you to migrate to v1. If you are an existing customer already leveraging our APIs please refer to API Migration Notice.

New customers please read on…

We are excited to work with you through our Developer Portal and integrating with our APIs.

The list of APIs down the left-hand menu will continue to grow. Stay tuned to the Changelog here to learn about new releases and APIs available. Your patience and feedback is appreciated as we look to accelerate our API Strategy here at Avaya for you, our customer.


  • Version change from v1beta to v1, making Avaya Experience Platform APIs generally available.
  • URLs for Avaya Experience Platform™ APIs have been changed. Please look at the API References Section to know more.
  • Application Key added for enhanced security. This new header is required for all API Calls as an appKey parameter. More information available here.
  • Details on Error Handling and HTTP Headers are now available.


Exposed v1 APIs for AXP Connect Admin for

a. Avaya Aura Device Services
b. Avaya Cloud Office management
c. Communication Manager
d. Hybrid Cloud Gateway
e. Hybrid Cloud Manager
f. Hybrid Reason Codes
i. Not Ready
ii. Call Work Code
g. Voice Plan

More information available here


  • With the general availability release of the Avaya Experience Platform™ APIs the v1beta content and versions have been deprecated.
  • Please refer to API Migration Notice for further details and support.