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How to set UUI data on Orchestration Flow, CCaaS Agent can receive it from screenpop application?

it can only add UUI parameter when configure screen popup application. but how to set UUI data on the orchestration flow ? Lynn Lin

How to obtain QueueId

Hi, all I can find is how to use the queueid, but not how to obtain them. I'm I overlooking something?

Reference Application

The chat widget provided by the Reference Application has a message with a spinner icon that says "Waiting for an Agent". I would like to remove this, but can't locate where message is generated. It looks to me like the ChatContextProvider.jsx file determines which message to display, but when I comment the appropriate section of the code out the message is still displayed. Am I in the right area or after commenting out the code do I need to rebuild the widget? Any nudge in the right direction would be much appreciated.

Historical Report API

Hi, I would like to know if we can create a custom report using the historical reporting API

getOverrideUrl on WebComponent widgets doesn't seem to work

I'm trying to use getOverrideUrl() from a WebComponent widget and it doesn't seem to be working. I believe it's related to the widget ID being wrong or missing on the attributes passed to the WebComponent, which I then use to create the WidgetAPI. Is this a known issue? Is there any workaround to this?

Workspaces Widget Library

In the Workspaces documentation it mentions code examples provided in the sample widget library. However there is no link provided nor are there details on where to find the sample widget library. Does anyone know how/where to obtain a copy of the sample widget library? Cheers, Wilfred

Chat integration

Hello all, Has anyone integrated successfully integrated their CCaaS Omnichannel chat? If yes, what are your recommended chat providers? I have just started to venture myself with AVAYA CCaaS Omnichannel, doing things one by one. if I complete, I will complete a full documentation on how to build AVAYA omnichannel basic/simple design and share it. Kind Regards, Sandeep

Use of Client SDK with CCaaS

Hello, Is there a short sample application that works for CCaaS as it exists for Breeze - CommunicationSampleApp - Node app covering CustomerInteractionPackage Kind regards

Screenpops documentation

Hi. I was wondering if you have a link to find documentation on Screenpops on how to work with them.

Widget Sample should updated for new UX/UI