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refresh_expires_in is 0

I am trying to use the refresh token instead of logging in, but I got a response with: ,"expires_in":900,"refresh_expires_in":0,"token_type":"Bearer","not-before-policy":0,"scope":"email profile" Is refresh not working yet, or is there something do wrong?

What is the correct URI to make request to Alpha-2 env ?

I want to make a request to AXP API for a tenant who is at Alpha-2 environment. Which is the correct form to make the request through the URI? <https://experience.cc.avayacloud.com/api/digital/chat/v1beta/accounts/accountId/tokens> ??

AXP Workspaces Logo customization

Hello, Can customer put their logos in the AXP Workspaces? Best regards,

Client SDK with AXP

Hello, For customers who want to develop their own agent desktop applications, via not just widget develop, but whole desktop application development, Is there document about JavaScript Client SDK, such as Customer Interaction Services Java Script package of Avaya Client SDK for Oceana? Best regards,

Support for TLS 1.3

Hey guys! I’m looking to confirm whether the latest AEP release (8.1.2) supports TLS 1.3 or not and if not, is there a future release planned that would support TLS 1.3?

AXP Chat SDK and Mobile Devices

When initiating a chat with a mobile device the chat container shifts to the right and has to be manually resized with each message. There appears to be "responsive" coding in place, but I cannot locate how it's called. There's conditional screen size settings of lg, md and sm in App.js: const appContainerSize = ({size})=>{ if(size == "lg"){ return css`width:400px;height:${ensureHeightDontOverflowWindow(784)}px;`; } if(size == "md"){ return css`width:350px;height:${ensureHeightDontOverflowWindow(686)}px;`; } if(size == "sm"){ return css`width:350px;height:${ensureHeightDontOverflowWindow(588)}px;`; Has anyone been able to ascertain where this code is invoked?

Problem with Delete API Response

https://developers.avayacloud.com/onecloud-ccaas/reference/deletequeue On deleting the Queue { "type": https://developers.avayacloud.com/onecloud-ccaas/docs/error-handling, "title": "Not Acceptable", "status": 406, "detail": "Could not find acceptable representation" } When we removed the accept header the call is successful (I get a 204 and the queue is deleted). It’s a bit unusual that the API call fails if the accept header is set but not required. Not sure if this is a bug or not. can 406 error updated here https://developers.avayacloud.com/onecloud-ccaas/docs/error-handling ?

Does the Refresh Token work?

Hi, I can not make the refresh token to work. All I got back is a "400 Bad Request" with following Body: { "error": "invalid_request", "error_description": "No refresh token" }

how to request for AXP APAC LAB client ID registration for Experience Platform all API authorization

how to request for AXP APAC LAB client ID registration for Experience Platform all API authorization

How to set UUI data on Orchestration Flow, CCaaS Agent can receive it from screenpop application?

it can only add UUI parameter when configure screen popup application. but how to set UUI data on the orchestration flow ? Lynn Lin