Messaging Overview

This page gives a quick overview of Avaya Digital Connection Messaging

Avaya CCaaS Digital provides Messaging which makes it easy to add conversational capabilities to your product or business. In these docs, you’ll find everything you need to use the platform.

What is Avaya CCaaS Digital Messaging?

Avaya CCaaS Digital Messaging is a software platform that enables businesses to communicate with their customers across popular messaging apps.

Developers can use Avaya CCaaS Digital Messaging to add messaging and conversational capabilities to their preexisting software like websites, Android apps, and iOS apps. Avaya CCaaS Digital Messaging comes with rich SDKs that allow for conversation management, rich messaging, user metadata collection, account management, and more.

Which messaging channels are supported?

  • Web Messenger SDK
  • Android SDK
  • iOS SDK

How to get started?

  1. Reach out to your CCaaS account and support team to obtain the appropriate access information for Avaya CCaaS Digital Messaging.
  2. Download the Avaya Digital Connection Messaging SDKs from DevConnect here

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