This page lists the Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Digital Chat integration available today

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Digital Chat

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Digital provides software platform with session based Chat capabilities which enables businesses to communicate with their customers.

There are two ways to integrate your business with Avaya CCaaS Digital Chat:

  1. Built-in Chat using Avaya CCaaS Digital Chat SDK
  2. Custom Chat Integration using Avaya CCaaS Digital APIs

Chat Offerings

Built-in Chat (Chat SDK)

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Digital provides the Chat SDK which allows your client application to access the built-in chat capabilities. This is a direct client side integration where your client application running on your customer's (user) client devices will be directly interacting with Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Digital by embedding the provided Chat SDK. Your client's backend web application needs to be involved only to generate a token (JWT) for the user which is required to initialize the Chat SDK and establish connection with Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Digital.

The Chat SDK Introduction section explains the steps required to achieve this integration in detail.

Custom Chat Integration

If your client application is already integrated with any other chat services, and you want to utilize Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Digital Chat capabilities and serve the chat, you can use the Digital APIs provided by Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Digital to integrate your chat services. This is a backend server side integration where we are integrating the existing chat service your business was already using with Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Digital services. Typically, you will need to write an application that can transform requests, events and messages between the existing chat service and Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Digital. We refer this application as a Connector and it can either run as part of the existing chat service (if the chat service provides such integration capabilities) or hosted as a separate service.

The Chat Custom Integration section explains about this integration method in detail.

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