API Deprecation Notices

Avaya Experience Platform™ Messaging SDK Deprecation Notice

The current Avaya Experience Platform™ Messaging SDK for Android, iOS, and Web has been deprecated and will not be available after 31st March, 2024.

A new Messaging SDK will be launched soon.

For more information contact support at https://support.avaya.com.

Avaya Experience Platform™ Custom Chat integration v1 API Deprecation Notice

There are two versions of APIs that are available for Custom Chat Integration, that is, v1 and v1beta. The v1 version, which is the older version will be out of support post 30th June, 2023. There will be no fixes made available for this version.

The v1 version of these APIs will not be available to customers after 30th September, 2023. Customers using the older v1 APIs for Custom Chat are required to either upgrade to v1beta API version or switch to Chat SDK for a direct web client integration.

This specific API version change is an exception. We understand that it is not ideal to deprecate v1 in favor of v1beta. This is a necessary one-time correction to align Digital Chat API with Avaya’s overall API versioning strategy going forward. Please refer to migration information to understand the high-level changes in v1beta: Summary of changes